Are You an Author Whose Books Are Not Available as Ebooks?

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller on March 28, 2012

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If you are an author and have not yet had your books converted into ebook formats, you are really missing a huge boat.

Four years ago when I self-published my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT (right after it became an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist), I had to mail expensive physical books to reviewers.

Besides the expense of the book and the cost of mailing envelopes and postage, there were the time and effort involved in packing the books in mailing envelopes, addressing the envelopes, and taking the books to the post office.

Now as I connect with people to review my newest ebook HOW TO SUCCEED IN HIGH SCHOOL AND PREP FOR COLLEGE, I simply ask which ebook format they would like to receive.

(Full disclosure: I did not do the conversions myself; I hired a company because I wanted to benefit from that company’s distribution channels.)

Given how many people now buy ebooks, why would you not want to give readers the option to buy your book as an ebook?

Or, if you own a book’s ebook rights and do not want to yet make the ebook available for purchase for whatever reasons, you can still have the book converted and use the ebook to email to reviewers.

Four years ago I did have MRS. LIEUTENANT converted into a Kindle ebook, but at that time very few people could have read the ebook.

Now even people who do not have their own ereader can read ebooks via free software on their computers.

And now for my FREE ebook offer:

If, after reading about HOW TO SUCCEED IN HIGH SCHOOL AND PREP FOR COLLEGE, you want to read the ebook to consider possibly writing a review on Amazon (where the ebook should be available any day now), email me at

I have two goals for this first ebook in a 3-ebook series:

1) I want this book to be an ebook bestseller at its price of $9.99.

2) I want to donate the ebook to disadvantaged high schools to give to their students.

I would appreciate help with either or both goals.

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Phyllis Zimbler Miller (@ZimblerMiller on Twitter and @ZimblerMiller on Pinterest) is the author of fiction and nonfiction books/ebooks and is the co-founder of the online marketing company

Her screenplay DR. SOAPY can be downloaded for FREE at Amazon Studios at and the techno-thriller ebook LT. COMMANDER MOLLIE SANDERS she wrote with her husband can be downloaded for FREE from Amazon’s Kindle store.

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