Using Lego Models to Promote STEM Careers for Women

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller on September 30, 2014

Imagine written in sand

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics — careers that women in the U.S. substantially lag behind men in pursuing.

Recently my husband and I have been building Lego models of famous buildings available in the Architecture series. And when our model of The White House arrived, an idea for improving female statistics in STEM careers occurred to me.

Imagine Lego Architecture models used as part of U.S. and world history courses starting in elementary school.
Girls and boys in elementary classes would each year build the models that fit with the history curriculum being studied. (For the U.S. think Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Washington Monument, etc.)

While these building projects would help make history more “real,” this activity would also help encourage the interest of girls (as well as boys) in the kind of building that can lead to an interest in STEM careers.

In terms of school expenditures, the models could be rebuilt each year by the next class of, say, third graders. And if Lego became a partner with schools (increasing the interest in Lego kits overall without spending money on advertising), the potential expenditure for the models could be lowered.

Of course, Lego would have to expand its Architecture series to include more historical U.S. and worldwide buildings. And for a company that wants to increase demand in its products, that would be a good thing!

If you like this idea, do share the post with others who might be able to turn this idea into reality.

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